Afghanistan; Elections, People, Mistrust, U.S.

22 Oct 2019

Afghanistan is a country with more than thirty million population, about half of which have reached legal age and have the right to decide on impotent national issues.

But from the very beginning, others, non-Afghans came to decide for Afghanistan, even they did not considered their huge costs.

After the defeat of the Taliban, a lot of money were spent in Afghanistan for maintaining democracy, freedom of expression, and more.

U.S. was at the forefront and big spender, and perhaps the US war and its presence in Afghanistan are the most expensive ones in its history

But the same country has clearly intervened in Afghanistan’s internal affairs and, in order to achieve its goal, has violated its slogans, as well as, Afghans` rights.

In the run-off election between Hamid Karzai and Dr. Abdullah, the transparent votes of the Afghans were casted for Dr. Abdullah, but the US intervened openly; violating the Afghan people’s right, brought Mr. Hamid Karzai to power.

The clear example of Washington’s intervene of Afghanistan affairs happened in the third round of elections in Afghanistan, in which Dr. Abdullah was forced out with a majority of vote and as a result endorsed the creation of a “national unity government” with 50 % of the power.

The signing of the National Unity Government Agreement made people skeptical of respect for their vote and created distance between people and government than ever before.

Over five-year administration of National Unity Government, the oppositions further raised and the people became more desperate and hopeless.

The national unity government term came to an end and once again, 18 candidates ran in the fourth round of elections.

Although the IEC said more than 10 million people had registered to vote in the 2019 presidential election, the disappointment led to about 2.5 million voters.

And now it seems that our very less remaining hopes are also being violated and the elections are going to be intervened and managed in favor of invaders.

The suspicious arrivals of US officials in Kabul in the fateful days of Afghanistan, so their meetings and visits, revive the memory of the 2014 election.

Although huge money were spent and civilians and security forces were killed, wounded in planned and imminent war in Afghanistan to maintain freedom, democracy and human rights, so now ignoring people`s votes, all of these values are being violated.

Afghan statesmen also violate people`s rights and ignore Afghans` sacrifices for their own interests.

“What you perceive as a God-given superior condition to some nations is the fruit of their struggle to destine their own fate.”






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