Afghanistan Celebrates International Breastfeeding Week

KABUL: (MEP) – on the advent International Breast Feeding Week, Dr. Suraya Dalil, Minister of Public Health while addressing a gathering held in Kabul urged that breastfeeding a new born baby could help in decreasing the infant mortality rate by 30 percent, khaama reported.

Also medical experts have emphasized on importance of breastfeeding new born babies for their better physical growth.

First week of August is observed as International Breastfeeding Week (IBW) worldwide.

Afghanistan is also observing IBW, as the country still remains crippled due to increasing malnutrition among children and high infant mortality rate.

“Medical experts believe that breastfeeding baby’s hour after birth decreases the risks on life of the child by 22 percent.

However, if it is avoided, it puts the baby in danger and the chances of survival reduce by 30 percent,” said Dr. Dalil.

According to reports, lives of nearly five million children were saved in 2011 as a result of effective awareness programs provided to the mothers citing advantages of breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding has the following benefits for children:

1- Prevents urinary tract infections in children.

2- Provides immunity

3- Prevents life threatening infections.

4- Prevents obesity among children

“Mother’s milk helps in improving physical growth of children, breastfeeding is recommended for all new born babies,” a mother said.

“Mother’s milk is necessary for a balanced growth of the baby,” another mother said.

It is a known fact that mother’s milk protests children against diseases, but lack of awareness among the mothers is leading to an increase in infant mortality rate in the Afghanistan.

It is high time that the governments starts conducting awareness programs across the country and educate the mothers.

Elaborating on the topic, Dr. Haq Muhammad Sherzada said that the new born baby should be breastfeed a hour after his birth.

Because, medical science proved that breastfeeding new born infants lay positive impacts on physical growth of the child and provides the infant immunity against viruses and infections.

In 200, the World Health Organization (WHO) prepared breastfeeding strategy according to which all governments around the world were asked to forge comprehensive strategies for providing effective awareness to the people about the significance of breastfeeding.

Because, in the first six months after the birth breastfeeding then new born baby strongly protect him against the infectious disease and it also decrease life threatening infections.

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