Afghan soldier killed his sister and mother in Jawzjan

6 Jul 2017

An Afghan National Army (ANA) soldier has killed his sister and mother by knife blows in the Khwaja Dukoh district of Jawzjan province.

Colonel Abdul Hafiz Khashi, head of the Jawzjan Provincial Police Headquarters Security Department, told the Middle East Press the incident took place in the center of the district last night.

He added that the soldier kills his mother and sister when he arrives home after spending holidays and he sees his single sister being pregnant.

Mr Khashi further added that the person is called Gulbuddin and has now escaped from the area.

Violence against women has risen steadily in the northern provinces of the country recently, and yesterday, in two events in Takhar and Kunduz provinces, a woman and a girl were executed by firing or committing suicide.

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