Afghan security forces make preparations for the next 2 historical events

KABUL: (MEP) – Providing the security of advisory Loya Jirga helped the soldiers to gain confidence in their abilities and to be more hopeful about the future.

With the pending withdrawal of American and NATO troops from their combat mission in Afghanistan, Afghan troops are still fighting against terrorist threats.

After the end of advisory Loya Jirga, Afghan security forces are preparing for the two big events which are the Nawroz ceremony and the upcoming election.

Celebrating Nawroz ceremony and holding next year’s presidential election are two high-profile and dangerous responsibilities for Afghan troops.

Besmillah Muhammadi, Minister of Defense said, “It has been seen that those areas which have become the responsibilities of the Afghan troops now have good security conditions.”

Mr. Muhammadi noted that despite the threats by armed opposition members that tried to prevent the holding of the Loya Jirga, Afghan security troops showed that they can provide security for that big event and should be able to provide good security for the election.

Cooperating with Afghan security forces by providing funding and training and allowing bases in Afghanistan for the United States were included in the contents of the security agreement that were recently confirmed by the Loya Jirga, Ariana news reported.

Signing the security agreement between Kabul and Washington for ten years after 2014 will be a backup for Afghan troops. But if the agreement is not signed, these forces will be required to provide the security for their country without help from the US.

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