Afghan refugees plan to organize demonstration in Bishkek

KABUL: (MEP) – Afghan refugees, who live in Kyrgyzstan, are going to organize rally near the building of the United Nations Organization in Bishkek. One of the organizers of the rally Ali Mansuri informed news agency.

According to him, he and many of his compatriots are refugees and their rights are derogated. “I’ve been living in Kyrgyzstan for 16 years. For this time I haven’t received necessary documents to become citizen of Kyrgyzstan. I have only a refugee certificate. Many of us have children. We can’t obtain documents for them. For this reason they can’t go to school and get any education,” Ali Mansuri said.

He noted that the UN doesn’t render them any support. “We have repeatedly appealed to the organization, but they don’t consider us as people, they refuse to help us. The authorities of Kyrgyzstan also don’t want to listen to us, because they think we are dangerous,” he added.

Ali Mansur noted that about 30 people are going to participate in the rally.

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