Afghan National Taekwondo Team Leaves for China

KABUL (SPORT/MEP) – The Afghan National Taekwondo Team headed to Ji’an city of China to participate in the China freestyle Taekwondo matches.

China freestyle Taekwondo competitions will held from November 7th to 9th. Taekwondo players from all over the world attends the game.

The Afghan national team has six taekwondo players in the competitions.

Mohsen Rezaee and Hekmatullah Zaeen in the first Olympic weightlifting, Farzad Mansouri and Hussain Lutfi in the second Olympic weightlifting, as well as Zahra Mirzaee and Somayyah Gholami in the women’s weightlifting are attending the competitions.

Mohammed Bashir Taraky and Ruhollah Nikpa will coach the team.

The gold medalists will win 10 points in the world rankings, the second position holder will win 6 points, and the bronze medal winners will get 3 points.

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