Afghan hospitals to get linked through fiber optics

KABUL: (MEP) – Hospitals in Afghanistan would be connected with each other as well as with the world medical searches centers, via fiber optics, officials said Saturday, wakht reported.

Amirzai Sangin said a project costing some $4milion would be completed within three years through which the medical requirements for 78 hospitals and health institutes of the country between each other and other health centers in the world via the installed fiber optics.

Minister of Public Health Dr. Suraya Dalil said the physicians in remote provinces can earn medical consultations via the fiber optics from the center as well the project helps Afghan doctors get connected with the world medical searches centers.

She said 15 hospitals would enjoy the helpful fiber optics services in the capital and some provinces of the country, this year.

Right now Indira Gandhi children hospital is connected with the two Indian Chandigarh and Laknaho hospitals, with three others including Badakhshan provincial hospital in the north and Bamyan hospital in the center and French Medical Institute for Children (FMIC) are connected with the world medical research center.

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