Afghan girl commits suicide before getting into ‘force-engagement’

5 Jul 2017

A young lady in Taloqan, the provincial capital of Takhar Province, has ended to her life before being engaged by his father forcibly.

The incident happened on Tuesday morning, Takhar police spokesman Khalil Aseer, told the Middle East Press.

He said the 17 year old girl committed suicide after her father wanted to force her into engagement with another person.

Family violence is one of the major challenges in the northeast of the country, and it is always a victim of women and girls.

According to another report, the body of a 20-year-old shepherd was discovered by security forces after 10 days in the suburb of Sheberghan.

Nematullah Kuhzad, the head of the Jawzjan police criminality department, says that Manzullah was gone missing in the first night of Eid on the outskirts of Sheberghan city, and on Tuesday his corpse was found in the village of Murghab.

According to him, two people have been arrested and investigated in connection with the incident started.

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