Access to Guns causes Death among US teens

KABUL: (Middle East Press) According to a new study that revealed stating suicide by weapon soared among youngsters in the US for the third consecutive year and access to guns is a leading cause of death among US children and teens.

The study from the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence found suicide by guns killed 876 American children and teenagers in 2013.

The newly released figure is the highest level since 2001 and 82 percent of deaths occurred with a gun belonging to a family member, according to reports.

The shootings at schools also happened with a gun belonging to a member of family.

President of the Brady Center Dan Gross said millions of Americans have a gun in their homes to make their family safer, but every day dozens of these families learn “how dangerous and disastrous that error can be.”

“The bottom line is, having a gun in the home dramatically increases the danger that a child will be shot and killed,” Gross said.


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