KABUL: (Middle East Press) Ibrahim bin Awad bin Ibrahim Al-Badri, known as Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi after America’s invasion of Iraq in 2003, formed a terrorist group in coordination and support of the Ba’ath Party and associated its terrorist military groups with al-Qaeda organization to executor their criminal policies in Iraq.

He was arrested in 2005 by the Americans in Iraq and was imprisoned for four years in camp Bucca. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, in coordination with the Baath Party in 2009, was released from Camp Bucca and after the death of Abu Omar al-Baghdadi; the emir of al-Qaeda branch in Iraq called himself the emir of the Islamic State and did criminal actions as the executor of the Ba’ath Party and al-Qaeda’s orders against the people and government of Iraq.

Al-Baghdadi at the request of al-Qaeda organization and in coordination with the Baath Party entered in Syria war and after a short time has declared the independence from the al-Qaeda organization and established the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Daesh).

He carried out his mission to disrupt Iraq and split it by attacking the Sunni areas and the Kurds of Iraq and the killing of women, children and youth and his destiny was like other traitors to Iraq government and his oppressed people.

Reports indicate that he was killed in the air raid by the international coalition but to keep up the morale of criminals of Daesh, will not be officially announced. The same old politics happened to his counterpart Masood Arajavi the Chief of MKO terrorist organization that his death was never officially announced.

Baghdadi’s fate is similar to the fate of the other leaders of terrorist and anti-human groups and like them first it is announced that he has been traveling or he is on a mission, or eventually he is in the hospital but nobody never sees him and no picture of him never broadcasts and he does not attend in any ceremony. And he is only connected with his successor and the successor issues the statement and peruses the affairs.

Both al-Baghdadi and Arajavi were made by Iraqi Ba’ath Party and they have betrayed the people of Iraq.

Both were the bloodthirsty and ruthless and they have been pursued the ideals of dictators and tyrants.

The murderers and tyrants like Saddam Hussein, Arajavi, al-Baghdadi al-Duri and oppressors like them come and go and just they inherit murder,  bloodshed, betrayal, rape, killing women, children and olds, homes ‘destruction and misery in their life’s record.

Ba’ath Party, Dash and the MKO are legacy of terrorist leaders of the present century for the oppressed Iraq.

An inheritance that will trap them later in life and their followers will be caught in a deadly quagmire after them and unknown and unwelcome fate awaits them.

What happened to Ba’ath Party after Saddam Hossein and what are their followers doing? Nothing, attack my innocent brothers and sisters in Iraq and continue to betray the people and government of Iraq.


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