Abdullah Sharply Reacts To the Announcement of Election Results

11 Dec 2019

KABUL (MEP) – Afghan CEO and presidential runner says he will oppose any announcement of results regardless of the requirements of the electoral teams.

The preliminary results of the 2019 presidential election, after two months have not yet been announced by IEC.

The vote recount process and opposition of electoral teams to the process are among those that the Commission considers delayed in announcing the results.

But some have speculated that preliminary results will be announced in near future.

However, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, head of an electoral team has strongly reacted to the commission’s action.

“If the IEC announces the preliminary results without addressing the legal demands of the electoral teams, we will not accept the action and will sharply react to it,” he said.

Let’s see when the IEC will announce the result of the election in which 2 million people had casted their votes.

In recent days, fans of Abdullah`s team marched in provinces calling for the abolition of 300,000 non-biometric votes.


Election Results

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