Abdullah: Electoral Commissions Must Keep Their independence

28 Oct 2019

KABUL (MEP) – The chief executive officer (CEO) of the National Unity Government called on the electoral commissions to keep their independence (impartiality) for the remainder of the process.

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah today Monday, October 28, at the meeting of the Council of Ministers said that ECs should not let people lose their trust on them.

He emphasized that a transparent election will rescue the democracy and that the electoral commissions needed full independence in all affairs.

Dr. Abdullah declared that the people and the electoral commissions should not ignore transparency in the elections.

CEO Abdullah insists on the full independence of the electoral commissions, while there have been controversies on counting the votes and as well as breakdown of the lock of IEC Data Center gate.

Meanwhile, the preliminary results of presidential election was scheduled to be announced on Oct. 19 but due to problems, it is set for Nov. 14.


Electoral Commissions


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