A Woman Beheaded By Husband In Baghlan

woman being killedKABUL: (Middle East Press) A man has reportedly beheaded his wife with a knife in Central Baghlan province Tuesday night, officials said.

Zabiullah Shujah, Police chief of Baghlan province in a phone conversation with “Middleeastpress” said that the convict after brutally killing of his wife fled the area and is prosecuted by police.

According to Shuja, the motive behind the murdering is individual hostility, said that one month before the incident, ‘Parinaz’ (the victim) had complained about her husband.

Shuja said, her husband was then freed through a number of elders in the region and killed his wife last night.

Killing and beheading women is not unprecedented in Baghlan province, earlier a woman was murdered by her husband in Taala and Barfak districts of Baghlan province.


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