How Did Daesh Surprise People?

Fore bearing from theory of America pastor power for extension of domination and becoming global individual polar for the benefit of America in shadow of dialogues of civilization fight of “Huntington” and end history of “Foucault Yama “ for development of democratic western liberal in east of the world .

Dash is the disclosure of “Edward Sondan” and “Hillary Clinton” the Daesh constructed around the idea of intelligence and internal security and foreign policy of America. Daesh is a terrorist group does not mean of organization, but it is a movement and property have an idea of thinking .it has a thinking bases and it is responsible for historical changes, behavior of internal region government and social changes. Before addressing to this issue should be considered that in university books they recognize middle east as a realism and same power .The expression that “Alex Bellamy “use is that realism billows in middle east .

Realism means that power comes from barrel it means that government is the determiner. But those changes that happened in the last year’s shows that this approach damaged a little more .it seems there should be looking identity besides realism to region. Power is the base for division of region .power is the expression for control of attitudes and actions penetration in region also it is determiner in Middle East .most of the guns global buying happens in this region .if military power utilizes as the last power symbol so all military buying’s are accomplishing here from other side most of the conflicts happen in this region and it shows that power has the highest position, but it doesn’t show all realities of region.

Middle East region saddened from those identities that shapes to power and types of behavior.

To what should we pay attention at topic area identity in the region is backward, religions, nations and several religions that exist in this region. Different identities become cause of different power division and in some cases become cause of very violent transformation .the question that arise here is to which effective component should we pay attention for changing of region? The mean of region is “Shamatt “region. Religious component has followers from three big religions. Islam has domination and most of them are Muslims in this region .in heart of Muslims Shiite and Sunni are main tendency and inside each of them groups are exist. On the other hand Arabs, Persians, Turks, Israelis among identities are formed in this region also inside each of them several nations seems.

Component of ideology:

Another effective component to region is component ideology from historic point of view political systems-traditional both from caliphate and empire and today kingdom also are trying for survival and governs. Regnant ideologies in the region are as follow:

1-Arabic nationalism:

That is against ottoman Turks. This ideology comes from Europe and took its special shape in Arab world and could give shape to national Arabic governments at the same time it has paradoxical inside it. National government from one side and Arabic world from another. Paradox in Arab world which we should pay attention to it.


This ideology is shaping to left tendencies .persons like MuammarQazafi, Bass party in Syria, Iraq and Yeman were leftists. Governments take the authority of this tendency in the region, but it had evolution under the effect of internal searches. As we are witness Muammer Qazafi finds tendency to Islam. Sadam intercalates “Allah Akbar” word in flag and he is trying to take distance from socialism. Therefore combinatorial from Arabs Nationalism, Socialism, Islamism exists in these governments.


This tendency has started with Iran revolution in Islam world. However it is roots exist in historic, but as the concept of government emerged in Iran. Emergence time of political Islam and consolidation of it’s transmitting by Iran to other countries. Each of them had its special roots.

4- Liberalism:

This tendency can be highlighted with in republicanism, democracy, or exclusivity as equality of men, women and human rights. Today this tendency has presence as a dialogue in Middle East and put its effects to changes. Traditional governments are trying to cope with this tendency like Arabia which has problem with socialism, Islamism, political Islam, nationalism, Arab nationalism and liberalism. Dissimilarity of political system becomes caused of special arguments and tensions in the region.

Component of land conflict

Other component in this region is land conflicts. No formation of states on the basis of nationality, ethnicity becomes caused of permanent tensions in the region. Permanent tensions are visible in behavior of governments.

Component of cross regional interventionist

We should pay attention to this component for changing of region. Colonial governments, Great power and today of America, Russia and Europe each of them are in search of regional penetration and want to secure their own benefits.

Component of energy

We should pay attention to energy as a component. Oil and gas become caused to attract attention of cross regional power and it is the root of conflicts in the region. Meanwhile lack of water can shape future conflicts in the region.

Component of the gap between rich and poor

This gap wide spreads in Arab world. If we look to Persian Gulf border countries generally they are rich countries of the region. Meanwhile countries like Syria, Jordan, and Egypt has complaints about this situation. Gulf cooperation council is for the reason that rich countries of Arab pull over other poor countries. At the same time without pointing to Arab and Israel conflicts we cannot explain Middle East issues. The issue that has taken shape from 1948 also it is attractive as a search and effective component in changes of Middle East. If we include mentioned components in a frame we can divide situation of the region in four parts:

1-Iran identity power:

Mainly Shiite and revolution are disagreeing with presence of west in the region at the same time inside cross regional powers has tendency to Russia. Their members are Iraq Shiite government, Bashar Assad in Syria and Hezbollah in Lebanon Hamas is also inside it and in Iran they called it as axis of resistance.

2-Gulf cooperation council:

Rich countries of gulf southern border Saudi Arabia is leading them. Their exclusivity and Arabic behavior of them are different with other Arabs they wear Arabic clothes, they are rich and Sunni tendency to Wahhabism has high power in this part, but there are land and political disputes inside them like Qatar and Saudi Arabia.


May be we mentioned it very easily and could say brotherhood block. Its leading belongs to justice and extension party. Their intellectual allies are liberal army in Syria and east are their supporter meanwhile Israel has a little more tendency to this block.


We mention of it very easily may be we can’t mention it as a block because it is single and the only one power in the region, but cross regional allies have capability. So after becoming gathering with them it becomes a block. Israel has western exclusivity and their system is democratic. In behavior with foreigners they affect from a different identity. Israel doesn’t think itself as a cognate of region and in making of identity it is different it means Israel deemed Arab world, Palestinians and Islam as it’s other. From other side several governments exist in this region and they are in movement and trying for becoming the member of these blocks.

There are three issues to consider in the development of effective Daesh

1-Gap of Power:

This finds expression in three, First, America’s reluctance to regional conflicts. Although the discussion in academic circles is considered that the word is convenient and accurate strategic that thinks out of the war, But the United States did not think to exit. Hence, after his mistake to the Middle East to East Asia strategy has adopted. Therefore the first goal was the withdrawal of the forces from the region that will bring the power gabbing. The lack of socio-political events in the Arab world will be completed. The most powerful governments in the region during the last 15 years due to the socio-political movements are destroyed. Loss of national power that is more nationalist, leftist power gapping and poor were created. The third gap is the presents of the fragile government. Some fragile states are lost and some have become very fragile governments. Very fragile states are a phenomenon in sub-Saharan Africa. South Sudan is the world’s most fragile state. Fragile state governments are the ones that are unable of the rule of the national territory. Syria has 14 provinces, three provincial governments and 4 are belong to the Al-Nusra Front and the rest are hand-rotates. The biggest problem is that fragile states cannot do the task and the function of the national government. Finally the power gabbing will be intensified in the conflict. Each of the governments is trying to expand their sphere of influence or in this gab new players have been shaped who are trying to have influence in the region. This leads to more fragile and heavy competition in the region. It seems these are functional causing the emergence of new groups.

To review Daesh, three shafts should be considered

2-Religion or religious ideals:

Three points should be considered in this regard. Daesh call themselves Salafis. Salaf or (Predecessor) means returning back to predecessor. This is not a negative word. For the first three centuries of Islam’s prophet to be more specific, it refers to the height and grandeur. It is ideal for both Shiite and Sunni religions. But how can we return to the first three centuries? The response given to this question varies under the influence of social developments and government behavior has changed. For example, Abdul Wahab said the prophet was trying to attract people by advertising and good expression. This group is called missionary Salafist. The other group of Salafis are ‘Akhwani Muslims’. It was attended by Jamal Abdul Nasser, who had learned of the West and also knew about the Republican Party and through parliamentarianism had tried to seize power. When Abdul Nasser took power, he then felt threatened by them and in the end all of them were arrested or killed. Those who were in the prison, have asked the question where was the mistake? Therefore they have realized that they cannot return to the Salaf period from advertising and peaceful methods and the jihad war was forgotten. That’s why they are called Salafi Jihadi. Another consideration entered which raised Jihad against the infidels. After the arrival of Soviet troops in Afghanistan, the group descended to Afghanistan and has used from the provided opportunity. United Stated has supported them in the cold war and Afghanistan has turned into a place for the formation of a global Salafi Jihadis who were globalist. After the war in Afghanistan, Islamist Hassan al-Turabi has invited them to attend in Sudanese and after the recruitment and training of their forces, Al-Qaeda was formed which eventually brought the 11th of September. After following this thought, another thought arose that Iraq was suitable for them. Changes and developments in the region led to the conclusion that war not only against the American infidels _ and the Soviet Union _ but should also take place against Muslim infidels. This led to the formation of excommunicating (Takfiri) militants they consider everyone as infidel except themselves. From their perspective, the Shiites infidels and unbelievers America is unlikely this brought the formation of Daesh. They have created an extensive network throughout the Muslim world.

Finally, the emergence of Daesh leads to three gap discourse

1- Shiite and Sunni:

Zarqawi’s strategy was that the Sunnis are mired in a bout Thus, in the Shiite and Sunni youth to revive their entry into the war, which ultimately will be the final winner. In fact the question of Sunni and Shiite is ingested. The presence of Ayatollah Sistani in Iraq did not allow such thinking and progress. Al Qaeda is also opposed to the idea. But Saudi Arabia is looking for such a thing.

2- Islam and Blasphemy:

This gap is also in Daesh and among some Islamic word thinkers. In fact, it is placing Islam towards blasphemy, Blasphemy is considered to be meant as non-Muslim.

3- Violence and Mercy:

In a discourse of violence and there is a divine discourse. The two are opposite each other. This led to the isolation of the Daesh in the Sunni world. Divine also makes many countries tend to have dialogue and support it. This makes Daesh despicable groups in the Muslim world and in the international system. Takfiri militants and Sunni Muslims groups must be separated. This gab is possible and can be observed.

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