$8.5mn Worth Gold Stolen in Mexico

KABUL: (Middle East Press) A total of 8.5 million USD worth of gold has been stolen from a refinery at a mine owned by a Canadian company in Mexico’s western state of Sinaloa, company officials say.

A statement issued by the McEwen Mining Inc saying the robbery took place on Tuesday afternoon at the El Gallo 1 mine and robbers made off with 900 kilograms (almost 2,000 pounds) of gold-bearing concentrate containing almost 7,000 grains of gold.

“The company preserves insurance against these types of incidents and is working closely with its insurance carrier to limit the extent of available coverage,” the company said, adding, “However, the company’s policy will not be enough to cover the entire expected loss.”

According to statement no one was hurt, but it did not provide any more details about the robbery.

However an investigation has already been launched into the robbery, Mexican authorities said.

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