50,000 Schoolgirls Deprive of Education in Shindand District

HeratKABUL: (MEP) More than 50 thousands of schoolgirls are deprived of education in Shindant district of Herat province, local officials say, adding that only one girls’ school is active in the district.

Abdul Raziq Ahmadi, head of Herat education in an exclusive interview with Middle East Press said Shindand district of girls’ schools are closed due to security concerns.

“There is only one girls’ school in Shindand airport that is fully safe” Ahmadi added.

According to Ahmadi, a total of more than 50 thousand students are deprived of their schools due to their school closed.

Head of Herat education noted of opening plans of girls’ school and said efforts are underway for reactivation of the schools in the upcoming year.

This comes as the Herat Department of Education officials claim that other schools of Herat are open.

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