40,000 Teachers to be upgraded

17 Apr 2019

In the current year, 40,000 teachers will be upgraded through the inter-action program, and several schools will be connected to the Internet, MoE said.

According to Middle East Press; Mohammad Mirwais Balkhi; the Action Minister of Education today (Wednesday, April 17), in a news conference said; during the current year, 20,000 fourteen-grader teachers will be introduced to universities and 20, 000 twelve-grader teachers will be introduced to teacher training courses.

Balkhi added that the recruiting process of 11, 000 teachers has also been launched, and in the next five years, all non-professional teachers will be upgrading according to Ministry of Education standards.

He also stated that for 200,000 qualified people, including women, nomads (Koochi) and servicemen from government departments who are deprived of literacy, 11,000 literacy courses and 10,000 other literacy professional programs will be launched.

He announced the construction of 300 schools by the Ministry of Urban Development and 2,700 schools by the Ministry of Rural Development through this year, and announced reconstruction of 500 schools. He added that 1,290 schools were equipped with laboratories and computers and 200 schools were connected to the Internet by the Ministry of Communications.

Balkhi also said that 50 million copies of textbooks will be available to students to address the shortage of textbooks this year, and the process of distributing 2.2 million textbooks in schools has begun.




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