28% increase in sexual violence against children in 2012

KABUL: (MEP) – The latest report of the Human Rights Commission indicates that 470 cases of child sexual abuse were registered in 2012 across the country.

Sexual violence against children has risen by 28% as compared to the past year, AIHRC report indicates.

The report also shows that 1,300,000 people in Afghanistan are addicted to drugs.  Included in this figure are 300,000 children.

According to the human rights commission information, various reasons led to nearly 52% of children are suffering from various human rights abuses in the city.

Sima Samar, head of the human rights commission said, “Currently, the number of children in the city engaged in various tasks due to bad situations of their lives and needing to earn money is 52%.”

Najibullah Zadran Babrak Zai, responsible for protecting the children rights, said that the main reason for increasing the problems faced by children is the failure of addressing these challenges by judicial institutions, Ariana news reported.

The human rights commission has asked government in this report that those who transgress the rights of children should be punished.

Sexual assaults, drug addiction, emigration, lack of access to health services, forced marriages; illiteracy, disability and violence against children are the problems that the commission on human rights reported that the children currently suffer.

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