213 Teachers Injured in Brazil Protest  

KABUL: (Middle East Press) Clashes between Brazilian police forces teachers protesting over pension reforms in the southern city of Curitiba, injured up to 213 teachers.

Live video images of the clashes showed police firing rubber bullets at nearly 20,000 teachers and using water cannon to drive demonstrators back.

Mayor of Curitiba Gustavo Fruet described the scene as a “war zone.” Fruet said on Twitter that the unarmed security personnel of the city hall formed a corridor to allow safe passage for injured teachers to reach inside the building to receive first aid. He blamed police for the “tragedy.”

Meanwhile, the security forces claimed that some 20 police officers had been hurt in the clashes.

Police, who have been criticized for their use of heavy-handed measures, said they took action after a few protesters tried to gain access to the Parana State legislative assembly building.

Some 13 others have also been arrested following the protest and firing shells on police forces.


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