KABUL: (Middle East Press) At least two foreigners were killed in a fresh rocket attack on the US-controlled Bagram air base, near the capital, Kabul.

Local officials confirmed that Bagram air base, located next to the ancient city of Bagram in eastern Parwan Province, came under attack on Monday morning.

The identity and nationality of the victims have not been disclosed yet.

The Taliban insurgents have claimed responsibility behind the attack.

The strike is the second rocket attack on Bagram in less than 48 hours. The Taliban insurgents fired rockets on the air base Saturday night, claiming that outgoing US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel was at the base when it was targeted by rockets.

Bagram is home to thousands of US military employees and civilian contractors.

The airbase has come under numerous rocket attacks since it was set up by the US army after it invaded Afghanistan more than thirteen years ago.

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