19 killed or injured including children in Helmand

KABUL: (MEP) – At least 19 people were killed or injured in two separate incidents in Southern Helmand province of Afghanistan on Friday, KP reported.

A local police official in Helmand province said the two incidents took place following coordinated attacks by Taliban militants around 7pm local time in Marjah district.

The official further added at least 4 people were killed and 11 others were injured after an improvised explosive device (IED) went off in Marjah district.

He said at least two others including a civilian and an Afghan police officer were killed in a separate incident after clashes broke out between Taliban

Militants and Afghan security forces.

According to reports children were also among those killed or injured during the explosion and clashes in Marjah district.

Marjah is among the volatile districts in Southern Helmand province of Afghanistan where Taliban militants are actively operating, and heavy clashes

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