KABUL: (Middle East Press) At least 19 hostages have reportedly released out of the 31 Hazaras who were abducted by militants about two months before in southern Zabul province.

Heads of the provincial councils of Zabul and Ghazni provinces who are mediating the release say that the 19 hostages were freed Monday morning.

Head of the provincial council of Ghazni province, Khaliqdad Akbari says that these 19 abductees were set to transfer to Jaghori District.

Akbari added that arrangements were made to transport them to the district center from where they were released.

According to Akbari, the newly released abductees are on their way to the district center.

The release of the remaining hostages is reportedly under discussion.

At least 31 Hazara civilians have been kidnapped by militants from Kabul-Kandahar highway on February 23.

Taliban groups have rejected hand in the kidnapping but Mohammad Mohaqiq the Deputy Chief Executive Officer said that ISIL was behind the abduction.


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