15 ISIS Fighters Killed in Clashes With Tajikistan Security Forces

6 Nov 2019

KABUL (MEP) – 15 members of ISIS group and two Tajik security forces were killed after clashes broke out between ISIS fighters and Tajikistan security forces on county’s border with Uzbekistan

The clashes took place today, Wednesday, November 6, after Islamic State fighters attacked Tajik outposts on Tajikestan shared border with Uzbekistan.

The Tajik Ministry of Internal Affairs released a newsletter, saying; 15 ISIL fighters were killed and the rest fled in the raid.

The sources added that a soldier and a policeman also died in the clashes.

The clashes occurred in the Rudaki area, 60 kilometers from capital Dushanb.

Some Tajik security sources have claimed that these ISIL members crossed the border from Afghanistan through the darkness of the night.



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