12 Pakistani Taliban militants killed by Afghan police

Kabul: (MEP) – Pakistani militants killed in Kandahar At least 12 Taliban militant were killed during clashes with the Afghan border protection police forces in southern Kandahar province of Afghanistan, local officials said.

Head of the border police of 3rd zone, Gen. Abdul Razaq said the Taliban militants were killed by border police quick reaction forces in Shina Narai area at Arghistan district.

Gen. Razaq further added that the Taliban militants killed during the clashes were from Pakistan who entered Afghanistan from the other side of the border to attack Afghan security forces.

In addition he said that the incident took place after Pakistani Taliban militants attacked Afghan border police security check posts from Manzakai check posts located inside the Pakistan soil.

According to Gen. Abdul Razaq the dead bodies of the Taliban militants along with their weapons and explosives are left in the area, and the remaining Taliban militants managed to flee back to Manzakai area.

Gen. Razaq also added that Afghan border police did not suffer any casualties during the clashes.

The Taliban militants have not yet commented regarding to the report.

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