10 Civilians Killed In Twin Paktia Bombings

Paktia province-Middle East PressMEP: As a result of two roadside bomb blasts in Ahmad Khel and Zemiknay districts of Paktia province, 10 civilians, including five members of one family were killed and two others wounded, an official said.

Naqib Atal, spokesman for the governor of Paktia said the two incidents occurred on Friday evening.

According to him, a roadside bomb explosion on a bus carrying a family in Nozi area of Ahmad Khel district, five members of the family, including two women, a child and a pedestrian were killed.

Ethel added that as a result of another roadside bomb blast in the district of Zemiknay, four civilians were killed and two others injured.

He linked the two attacks to the armed Taliban, but the Taliban have not yet commented in this regard.

According to another report, a mother and two children were injured in an explosion in Pashtun Kot district of Faryab province in Ghanda Sang area on Friday.

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