1 Billion $ Contract Signed For Building Residential Units in New Kabul City

KABUL: (MEP) – A contract of one billion dollars signed for construction of nearly 6,000 residential units in the New Kabul City (NKC) and with the execution of the contract more than 40,000 people would be provided shelters, BNA reported.

The contract for the project was signed with an international consortium consisting of several companies from Canada, UAE, Australia, Germany and Afghanistan and a US based company will lead the implementation process for establishment of 6,000 residential units.

The New Kabul City is located on Deh Sabz Barikab area of Kabul province bordering neighboring Parwan and work on master plan of the city was started by a Japanese company (JICA) in 2006.

The city covers nearly 370,000 acres of land and more than three million people will get shelter if the project is completed.

Talking on the matter, Engineer Ghulam Sakhi Hassanzada, executive director of New Kabul City development project said that signing of the contract signifies interests of private sector for investments in Afghanistan in the long term, adding that according to the plan, up to 6,000 residential units would be established in the New Kabul City within the next eight years and implementation of the plan supports nearly 7,000 people to get a job, the company intends to provide 4,000 residential houses to the people in long term installments which pave the ground for general public to get a house.

“The project has been formulated in manner that would receive billions of dollars investments in the country in the long term period, the master plan allows establishment of the residential units, but the only factor behind the stoppage of the plan is that land issues between the local and government have yet to resolved, Mr. Hassanzada said, adding that the security institutions of the country should provide protection tot eh engineers and workers and prevent illegalities and irregularities.

Talking on the topic, Raffat Bashir chairman of international consortium said that highly professional and technical cadres from countries have been put in charge to work on the project and efforts have been made to establish the New Kabul City in a way that it compete in international level and it help people to get a house in.

In the meantime, The Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) has warmly welcomed contribution of private sector into the city and has Pledged to provide all sort of assistance to international companies that intend to invest in Afghanistan in the long term.

Senior minister and chairman of independent board of New Kabul City Hidayat Amin Arsalan has described the project as one of the biggest projects in Afghanistan and emphasized that the new city will be built in accordance to the international cities and implementation of the project would have constructive impacts on lives of the people, he expressed hope that execution of the project attract international investments in the country in the long term period.

Meanwhile, economic experts have said that the government of Afghanistan should extend the Kabul city as its getting overpopulated day by day and has no more capacity to host more population.

Additionally, the Afghan people have strongly supported implementation of New Kabul City project and say that such project ratifies Afghanistan’s stability and public trust on future of the country.

This came after establishment of the city followed major speculations and doubts in the past, but the recent development strengthen hope that the project would be completed in coming years.

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